Monday, May 4, 2009

The gray area..."I'm still a virgin, or am I?"

What is the gray line? I think it's a mixture between black and white. What does that mean exactly?

How many times do we push the envelope whether it be with drinking, saying to ourselves "I can handle my alcohol" or if it's us saying "I'm still a virgin" after we clearly are not in the eyes of God?

Where am I going with this? Here it is. Many times we want to put our own definition on what it means to be a virgin, and what sex is, and is it. We do this to justify our actions. We then many times compromise our values, and go just far enough to where we can "keep our virginity" in the eyes of the world. But what good is that? Does God look at that? How does God see that? Everyone has there own convictions, and it is 1:30 in the morning, but don't we many times allow ourself to get a little too close to the edge of the cliff, just to get a rush, and then back off. How many people have we seen do the same thing, yet fall over? Aren't we as Christian's called to honor Christ? So why do so many of us tread in the gray area?

So my big question is this: Is it ok to kiss? My opinion on that is that it is when you get married. Maybe you may think I'm going a little extreme, but let me explain. When you allow yourself to kiss someone, and get emotionally attached to them, when the break up comes, it's hard to avoid the hurt, rather if you would have not kissed them, you could get away from that a bit easier. Many times we are suppose to be an example, and others just see what they want to see, so when they see us kissing, they assume that we are doing other things behind closed doors. So in a sense, we are allowing them to go to the edge, and not have the "safety net" that we have. We are literally hanging them out to dry. What if instead, we decided that we would not only save our virginity for our partner, but not kiss anyone but our mate as well?

What would that look like for the non-believers who are watching us, or even better yet for the younger Christians who are watching us?

Just a late thought.

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