Monday, February 9, 2009

So you think your a man?

While I was at the LiveLove conference over the weekend, Francis' last talk was on something that showed me something I have needed to see for a long time. You know how sometimes you know you're suppose to do something, but it takes someone to kick you in the butt to do it? That's exactly what this was like.

He said a phrase that I will always remember "You go your way and I'll go mine". That's what his grandmother told him which was buhdist. He never had the chance to tell her about Christ before she died. So we must realize that we may not have a second chance to tell someone, so we must do it now!! Take that time!! That is ever so true, but not what kicked me in the rear.

Francis used the this analogy. Say I have a daughter, and you think bad things about her, or treat her badly, or a son, and you do likewise to him. Do you think that I would want to be your best friend, and listen to you after that? You are thinking to yourself 'Of course not!!!'. Bad news. Many times we do this. We treat God's children this way. I know I did. I treated a particular young lady this way.

As men and women of God we need to learn how to truly love. We are so heavily influenced by the culture that we would rather be cool in their eyes, and don't want to miss out on the worldly things that all to often we put God in this little box for Sunday morning. We will go out and preach one thing, and then act another way. I wish I could sit down and talk to young guys about how they need to treat girls. Perhaps that is why I am going to be a youth minister. I have mistreated girls my whole life.

I wish I would have never kissed a girl. You may be thinking. Walt that is pretty irrational. But why? Why is it irrational? Can you look at a steak without your mouth watering, and then taste it a little bit without wanting to devour the whole thing? But then what if you were for some odd reason sworn to be a vegan? Wouldn't you stay away from the steak? Then why as a christian, when we claim to be a follower of Christ, we will not drink or smoke, for most of us, but yet we are willing to go parking, and kiss a member of the opposite sex, and allow it to go further, and still pray to God like nothing happened? I know we are not perfect, but shouldn't we try to be?

Is it better to live like a hellian her eon this earth, and not live for Christ, and then burn for the rest of eternity, or would it be better to save ourselves for marriage, and raise up a generation who is willing to save themselves for their spouses no matter what the cost so that they can give them a gift that is so very beautiful, one which money cannot buy?

You see I have screwed up, and may not get to see my promised land, like Moses did not get to. Maybe that is just the price I must pay. Who knows? I surely don't. But I know that my Savior can move the mountains, and with him anything is possible. So I may just get my 'promised land'.

We must be the hands and feet of Christ. So let us not look on what we have done in the past, but what we can do in the future, because unless you know something I don't, Back to the future was just a movie, and there are no time machines. If there were, I would change so many things. I am so sorry. If only I could have one more chance I would prove myself worthy to be the godly man I know God has for me to be.

So if you are reading this, and need some encouragement, or have questions how you can move into the right direction to change the way you are living your life, or so that you don't fall down the slippery slope into temptation and lust, please e-mail me at . God has put this on my heart, and I know the things I have gone through are not for nothing.

Through my pain and suffering, I hope many lives will be changed. Then again, maybe no one will ever read this......


  1. I don't believe smoking is wrong, nor having a drink not to get drunk. That does not make me a non believer.